It’s summertime here in the mountains. Not as many projects being completed, but progress is moving along slowly.

We finally solved our Solar charger/inverter circuit breaker tripping every time we plugged in our used RV refrigerator, and/or every time we started the generator to charge the batteries in the evening. The culprit was the 30 amp circuit breaker, we had connected, which was supposed to be a minimum 125 amp fuse. (Obviously we didn’t read the teeny-tiny 4 pt. fine print on the charger/inverter label.) So we sent away for this Gold ANL Fuse holder with a 1 ft. 2 gauge wire and 150A fuse on eBay for $15.

Gold ANL Fuse HolderIt’s a lot bigger than the photo depicts it. But it did the trick, and now we can charge the batteries through the charger/inverter instead of going directly from the generator.

We also rewired the entire system with thicker 6 gauge wire, and a few 2 gauge wires to boot.

Our solar power setupSo we are slowly making progress in the solar power department.

Abby is enjoying the summer… except for the heat and the horse flies. She loves hanging out under the shed and sunning herself on the auxiliary potato bed.

Abby soaking up some summer sunThe chickens are growing fast. They have adjusted to the Montana way of living, and we have finally started to let them free range… and they venture out of the chicken yard with great caution.

fieldtripWe are hoping to see our first eggs coming soon. I predict 7/26. The Missus predicted 7/14… oh, the anticipation…