Unwanted Visitor

Here’s a shot of a Black Bear that passed by too close to the house. It still has it’s winter coat on from the neck down. What a mangy looking creature, though. Glad it just kept going without a visit.


Our Prodigal Puss Returns

GOD is Good, Praise Him!

Miracles do happen, and the power of Prayer is awesome.

Whitey appeared at the front door around 11:30 pm last night. I was taking Abby out for a potty break when I swung the flashlight to my right and saw Whitey in the beam. She meowed and did her signature belly-flop. What a site it was to see her. I cried out to Jen. “Whitey’s back, Honey, Whitey’s back”. So we brought her inside to join her brother Blackie for an evening inside the human house.

Living in this mountainous backcountry environment, and keeping domestic animals is a temptation to surrounding predators. So we have to be better aware of the warning signs. We thank GOD for giving us a second chance, for the lessons we learned, and thoughts we had throughout the day when we were mourning Whitey, and for the safe return of Whitey, and the protection of our other animals.

BACKSTORY: Early Tuesday morning around 3:45 am, we heard one of the cats scream. So I went out, armed, and with a flashlight to investigate. (since it is pitch-black out here). I went behind the woodshed and briefly saw a Bobcat moving away. As I turned the corner five seconds later, it was nowhere to be seen. I looked inside the woodshed and saw Whitey lounging on the curtain, but no Blackie. I walked around looking for Blackie, and found him sitting on the roof above the front door lintel, looking a little shaken. I waited a bit and when nothing else happened, I retired. The next evening, we tried to keep the cats inside our fenced garden area, which is where their condo is located. But they escaped within ten minutes after closing the cat door. We prayed to God that He would watch over and protect them. (They do have many places to hide and escape pods to run to.) So yesterday, when Whitey didn’t come to breakfast, was nowhere to been seen, and knowing there was a predator Bobcat roaming the area, we assumed the worst. Even after searching the surrounding area, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack… we assumed that the Bobcat overtook her.

But we are happy to report that Whitey is alive and well. And we are better caretakers from the experience.