Papercrete Brick

Here’s a follow-up to our DIY Papercrete Brick Press.

Our mix (by volume) was 3:1
(3) shredded office paper (newspaper works well also) Soak your paper for at least one day.
(1) Portland cement
Add water as needed. Make your mix a little drier than oatmeal or experiment with it until you get the consistency you like.

Press form block (interior dimensions)
W: 5-1/2″
D: 5-1/2″
L: 12″

Papercrete block dimensions (after drying)
W: 5-3/8″ (loss of -1/8″)
D: 4-1/2″ (loss of -1″ due to compression)
L: 11-5/8″ (loss of -3/8″)

Final brick dry weight
4.8 lbs
2.2 kg

It was hard to say exactly how long it took to completely dry since we had it in the house (cold/wet weather during our test) but we figure it would take 3-4 days in warm/hot sunny weather, turning it twice a day.

It is very sturdy, light and hopefully a good building material.

Our next building test will be on latex concrete roofs and wall panels.

Stay tuned for that.


Get rid of Yellow Jacket Wasps

Last summer we had quite a few yellow jackets pestering us. This summer started out no different.They like to gather in the crack of the shed door, and a few other places around the house.

We looked at traps, but who wants to spend +$20 every four-six weeks…

So… we searched for a simple cost-effective solution… and found one… at… wikiHow.

How to Keep Yellow Jacket Wasps Away

Pretty simple, and brilliant really

Crumple up a brown paperbag
Hang it where yellow jackets gather
It says,

Wasps are territorial so they will not make a nest where one already exists.

And… it’s true… so far.

We haven’t seen ANY yellow jackets in the shed area for the past three weeks.

So this summer we’ll make and deploy a few more “No Vacancy” decoy nests (more artistically appealing, and sturdier)  around the yard and hopefully keep these pesky pests away for good. We’ll keep you posted.