Down & Dirty Pig Bunker

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It’s 6′ x 4′.
Fast: (2 days to construct.)
Cheap: ($30 for OSB)
Portable: (easy to disassemble so we can move from paddock to paddock)


New Happenings for 2015

First off… sorry to all for being so lame on the blog posts.

A lot has happened since our last post so I will try to catch you up.

We added an 8′ x 10′ entry way to the dome, nothing fancy and not yet completed, but it is a vast improvement.

Our list for 2015 was supposed to be small, but it’s looking like we’ll have a full schedule of happenings.

Here are the highlights:

  1. We are going to be raising honey bees,  (to be delivered end of April) 3 lbs. or 10,000 Carniolan honey bees. So we need to build their new hive home this month.

  2. We ordered and will be planting (300) 2-year-old Caragana shrubs (aka Siberian Pea Shrubs) around the parameter fence.

  3. We’ll be adding an additional 1200 feet of field fencing, and electric fencing. And developing two pasture areas for a few Icelandic sheep to be purchased in 2016.

  4. We getting 2 Heritage Berkshire pigs in March. We got 90% of their shed built and will be fencing off sections of the property for them to begin rooting.

  5. We getting 32 chicks in March. They will following the pigs in the paddocks to remove the bugs, weed seeds, and flatten out the soil in preparation for pasture seeding and mulch. Some will be kept for layers, and some for meat.

  6. Building the underground greenhouse.

So.. that’s the highlights. That’s the adventure that awaits us for 2015. Stay tuned, because it’ll all be blog-worthy…

Shed 2.0

It was a long time in the planning but we finally completed our shed addition.

The new addition is also 8’x12′ for a total size of 16’x12′. The new addition will now be a workshop ( with a level workspace ), and the original shed will be for storage.

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Fowl Update

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Just an update on the new chicks. They are growing fast, but still with momma for a while.


For some reason the Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds like to take their dirt bath next to the Horseradish and walking onions…

Papercrete Test Panel

So here is our test for a papercrete wall panel.

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We built a form 20″ x 20″ (dimensions were based on largest size of available materials for a form… i.e. being cheap and using stuff in the scrap pile)

Form material list:
(1) 20 ” x 20″ OSB board
(4) 2″ x 2″ for sides
cling wrap so papercrete doesn’t stick to OSB

Papercrete mix ratio 2:1 (Paper to Portland cement) The mix consistency was like wet oatmeal and we worked it into the mold by hand and troweled/hand-patted it to smooth it out.

Results are pretty encouraging. It’s been drying for three days and is about 1.5″ thick. The next test is a 4′ x 8′ panel. Stay tuned.