Earthbag Building – Making Progress

In town for a few hours, and using Starbucks Wi-Fi… progress on the dome is moving along nicely. Here are a few pix of the progress… more later.

View of the bedroom.

View of the Bathroom.

View of the entire homestead taken from the shed roof. The middle room is the living room. We’ll be installing the exterior door forms within the next few days.

More to come when we can…


Running Water

We’re in town briefly today to clean up and finish our final packing… but we hooked up our water system at the property yesterday, a big plus. We used an RV water pump, and a 30 gallon water tank hooked up to a sink and shower head. Here are some pix.

Cleaning out the sink.

The filter, the accumulator, and the pump. We’ll run this on a 12 volt battery until the solar system is set up.

The shower head in our outdoor shower.