DIY Storage Shed

Here are the photos of our new shed we completed last week… from start to finish.



Neither of us have ever done a project like this before, so it was a good learning experience. We insulated the ceiling and walls (no photos of that). We added a tarp to the front for an outdoor cooking area, and moved our outdoor shower and latrine to the East side of the shed.

Building this was not without it’s challenges, but I’ll spare you the details. It’s functional, secure, water-tight, and completed. What more can you ask for?


Quick Update

We’re back in town for a few hours for supplies, but to give you a quick update… we finished building the shed (photos to come), the garden veggies are starting to grow, we had a cord of wood delivered on Sunday, and got 80% of the foundation dirt that collapsed dug out, and we’re hooking up the solar water heater for the outdoor sink and shower. We start laying bags for the house next Monday. More updates as we come back into town.