Our First Pullet Egg

Our first pullet egg arrived on July 24th delivered by one of our Leghorns.

So half of our crew have started producing, and we have moved on to the laying mash. So far they are enjoying the free-range experience, dining on bugs, flax seeds, and various veggies.

wtrWe also erected our garden watering crane. Having a round garden called for some contraption that allowed the hose to be free of snagging and ripping out squash and getting caught on other various garden items.

It was constructed with (2) 10′ steel fence posts, slid into a buried larger pole so it will turn, and half-inch pipe toward the back for supports. I added a section of white flex hose to keep the garden hose from kinking. All in all, it works pretty good, and the Missus is happy about not taking out any tomatoes during the watering process.