Earthbag Building Update #4

Back in town for the day to run some errands and replenish provisions. We had another 40 cubic yards of lava rock delivered on Monday. The delivery was easier this time than last October’s delivery, and we were able to have them place it closer to the work area this time.

The vegetables are flourishing. The green house is thriving…

Our tomatoes are starting to come into their own.

This tommy is about the size of a tennis ball.

And we’ll have plenty of Cherry Tomatoes.

We thought the Squash plant wasn’t going to produce… but she surprised us.

It was very tasty!

The outdoor garden is also producing a good crop, given the little time we’ve had during building to really tend to it as much as we would have liked to.

Our onion bulbs are about as big as a handball at the moment.

Our Beets.

One variety of lettuce… don’t remember which one.

Another variety of lettuce… we’ll mark them better next season.

Our potatoes are doing great. Here is our first Yukon Gold.

I think we also had a Russet mixed into our seed potatoes.

The dome is taking shape. We have all of the window forms installed except for the bedroom, and an additional window for the kitchen area. More photos of that to follow in the next post.


Earthbag Building Update #3

In town for a few hours… Here are the latest shots of our progress. We’ll have all of the window forms in place in the next few days, then it’s non-stop bagging and stacking until we are finished.

Here is the bedroom. We started back-filling a few days ago.

Here is the living room. This is almost completely back-filled also.

Here is the bathroom (on the left). The wood form on the right is the front door and hallway.

Earthbag Building Update #2

In town for a short time today. Progress is being made. We are at the ninth row, and putting in the main door form, bathroom window form, and starting to back-fill the foundation. Having more lava rock delivered next week. Another 40 cubic yards worth. Hard to estimate how much will be needed to finish the house, but this should do the trick. We’ll be putting in all of the other window forms by the end of next week… or soon after.

Here is a quick shot of the back-filled bathroom, and eight rows of bags down…

Here are some visitors we’ve been getting.. when their owners head into town.. they follow behind them at a distance and end up at out place.

Puggy live about half-a-mile from us, and is a part-time resident.

Sadie lives about a mile away from us, and lives here year-around.

We had “Bob”, a German Shepard visit a few times… no photos yet of him.

That’s it until next time.