Spring Cleaning

It’s time for some Spring cleaning of photos and posts, so here we go… Working backwards… Our wonderful neighbors showed us how to process a deer, (with a doe that they gave to us, God Bless them!), and it was great to learn how to make the cuts from them.

The Hooves gotta go.

It takes practice, but we’ll get it.

Everything cut, trimmed, rinsed, and ready for canning.

Since we don’t have a freezer, we pressure canned our meat. We ended up with 35 pints.

We are both definitely getting Deer tags for next season for doe and buck, maybe I’ll get an Elk tag just in case. I didn’t fill my doe tag last season, but I got close.

Late February we moved the pot belly stove from the middle of the main room to the side. We had to reroute the stove pipe and we built a wood box to rest the stove on.

You will also see some of the papercrete wall plaster we started applying. We still have a lot to do.

In March we installed the sub-floor in the main dome. We leveled the lava rock beneath, added some surgical blues, as shown…

Added a 4-mil vapor barrier, R-19 insulation, framed it with 2×4’s, screwed on OSB, and used temporary linoleum tiles (until we add the final wood planks later). Much better than walking on rocks.

Next major feat was moving the solar panels and hooking up the new system.

We lost a lot of good sun during this past winter, and waited for the opportunity to move the solar panels up onto the shed roof.

We obviously get more sun now. This also gave us the opportunity to shorten the solar panel wires since we moved the new inverter, new charge controller and batteries into the shed.

Here is our new setup. My wife is amazing to understand how this all works, and set it up. I still have to confirm with her which button you press to turn the system off.

Our new Tripp Lite APS750 750W 12V DC to AC Inverter with Automatic Line-to-Battery 20-Amp Charger

Definitely a major step up from the 300W Radio Shack inverter we’ve been using for the past two years.

We replaced our previous 20 Amp charge controller with a Rogue MPT-3024 is a 30 amp photovoltaic charge controller. It actually converts excess volts into amps for more efficient charging of the batteries. All-in-all a big improvement for us.

Since baking is an important part of mountain living, Jen recently perfected her skills in two areas…

Bagels… and

Challah bread. Good thing I own suspenders.

And… our new canine, Abby is making headway in learning the mountain dog life.

She thinks our new bathtub (a 2’x2’x4′ Stock Tank) is her water bowl.

And she seems to have a knack for finding deer shins buried in the surrounding area.

We bought her a new saddle bag and will soon be putting her to work.

And finally, we replaced our kitchen sink’s leaking Shurflo water pump with a Flojet Model No. 03526-144 Triplex Automatic Water System Pump.

This automatic water system pump is Self-Priming, will run even when dry, has soft noise absorbing mounts, and includes an easy to use snap-in port fittings, and… there is no need for an accumulator tank. Sweet!. And it was an easy 10 minute install… we like this.