Coop de ville

Construction on the chicken coop is nearly complete. We built the door frame and redesigned the ramp today. instead of having two ramps (one for each Cabana) we gave the chickens a main ramp and a walkway to each Cabana… complete with a safety guard rail in case of accidents.

Here is a shot taken through the front door (framed but not yet hung). All of the wood used for this portion of the project came from two wooden pallets. Blackie is testing it out for us… one of the few times he’s allowed inside.

He’s a shot taken from the roof.

All that remains is finishing up the South Cabana nesting box, adding the roosting perches, back-filling some dirt around the outside and painting the coop Barn Red and White. More photos to follow.

Bonus Image

Besides our Girly-Girl turning out to be a pretty good Pack Rat hunter, she finds the oddest things buried in the surrounding mountainside. If you guessed the leg of a deer… congratulations. (We wouldn’t like to meet the predator who ripped that from the deer’s body.)