Rocket Stove

We built a small scale rocket stove to use for cooking while we work on building our earthbag home. Our total cost for this stove was $15.25. (Tin 25¢, Perlite $6, stove pipe $4, stove pipe ell $1, hose clamp $2 , metal screen $2)

Here’s how we made it.

Our 25¢ tin from the Goodwill.

Mark to be cut out with tin snips. This is where the ell will be fit into.

The circle should just be wide enough to fit the ell through. It was a snug fit.

A top view of the ell fitted into the front hole. And the 4″ piece of stove pipe attached to the top of the ell.

The lid edges were cut off, and a hole was cut out in the center for the stove pipe. The lid is placed into the tin to hold the Perlite which is used as insulation to keep the tin from getting hot, and to concentrate the heat under the cooking pot.

A flat piece of sheet metal is cut and placed inside the front entrance of the ell. Twigs are placed on the top and fed through little by little. The bottom is to allow air to come through.

The Perlite is added for insulation.

The lid is slid over the stove pipe, and rests on the Perlite. As an extra added safety feature, we added a metal screen secured with a 3″ hose clamp.

We have a round grill which will be placed on top to use for cooking.

And here’s our completed rocket stove in action.


One thought on “Rocket Stove

  1. what you are doing is very intiresting. basically you are taking the concept of what nasa is tring to do on the moon and mars and using it on earth.
    the links to the lams was greatly appreciated, but amazon is sold out at this time(more in on oct 15th)

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