Vortex Smortex

Currently in Montana it's a brisk -10°. That's was today's high. This morning it was -25°. You have to adapt and improvise. We are happy to report that we managed to stave off major frostbite on the hens, and they are still producing eggs as of this post. January alone they kicked out 168 eggs,... Continue Reading →

Puss Goes Green

In a effort to lower his carbon paw print, Puss decided to enlarge the air hole, and bust out of this new $8 Petco Eco-conscious sustainable cat carrier. We were not even two miles from the vet before this 100% recyclable post-consumer waste container that saves 17 million trees and 1 million tons of emission... Continue Reading →

Like Squirrels Gathering Nuts…

Abby & Mombasa Approved Mombasa lounges while we work... Abby in hot pursuit of a Pack Rat in the Wood stack... Today's snowstorm... about one foot at the moment... We covered the coop with plastic a few weeks back and added another layer of straw for insulation... they don't seem to mind being "cooped up"... Continue Reading →

Our First Pullet Egg

Our first pullet egg arrived on July 24th delivered by one of our Leghorns. So half of our crew have started producing, and we have moved on to the laying mash. So far they are enjoying the free-range experience, dining on bugs, flax seeds, and various veggies. We also erected our garden watering crane. Having... Continue Reading →


It's summertime here in the mountains. Not as many projects being completed, but progress is moving along slowly. We finally solved our Solar charger/inverter circuit breaker tripping every time we plugged in our used RV refrigerator, and/or every time we started the generator to charge the batteries in the evening. The culprit was the 30... Continue Reading →

the chickens have landed

Our eight chickens arrived safely from Utah on Friday, and all of us have been getting used to each other. Needless to say that we (us humans) are on the low end of the learning curve, but hopefully we'll get the hang of keeping them happy. The first 48 ours have been a challenge, but we... Continue Reading →


Here is a photo of a Rainbow that was less than a quarter of a mile away from the house this evening. Awesome!

A Fowl Future

We are just four weeks away from getting our chickens from some friends in Utah. Here is a photo of the gang. Five of these little ladies will be making their new nest in Montana. Photos of the coop progress will follow. Also, we're in the process of getting our fence posts gathered. We need... Continue Reading →

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