Our First Pullet Egg

Our first pullet egg arrived on July 24th delivered by one of our Leghorns. So half of our crew have started producing, and we have moved on to the laying mash. So far they are enjoying the free-range experience, dining on bugs, flax seeds, and various veggies. We also erected our garden watering crane. Having... Continue Reading →

Back to Eden

We were recently told about a great little film called, "Back to Eden".  It had such a strong impact on us that we really encourage you to watch it if you have any interest in Scripture,  low impact and low effort gardening. Earlier, we had decided to ask our neighbors to bulldoze our front lawn... Continue Reading →

Summer eclectic

Summer is in full swing here at the homestead. Here are some photos of what we've been up to lately. First Layer of papercrete on the earthbag dome It was a battle to get the first base layer up during all of the rain we had a few weeks ago, but we managed to finish,... Continue Reading →

Earthbag Building Update #4

Back in town for the day to run some errands and replenish provisions. We had another 40 cubic yards of lava rock delivered on Monday. The delivery was easier this time than last October's delivery, and we were able to have them place it closer to the work area this time. The vegetables are flourishing.... Continue Reading →

DIY Green House

We completed building our green house last weekend. We started on April 17th and worked on it for four continuous weekends. We are very pleased with the way it turned out. We opted for a modest size of 12' x 16'. When we build our next green house, there are a few things we will... Continue Reading →

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