Building Prep

We used 1″ flex Styrofoam wrapped in black plastic as a vapor barrier between the bags and the earth. We also had a lot of back-filling and tamping/packing the dirt down.

You can look at a book called Earthbag Building by Kaki Hunter, which was what we generally followed. With the exception of a lot of “staged” photos, and techniques which might have worked for her, but not for our real world application. i.e. “Barbed wire doesn’t come out straight and easy.”

Comment 1: We lined the hole with 4 mil black plastic…  used black 6″ flex irrigation tubing which exited into a deeper trench and away from the footprint. We wrapped the tubing with erosion fabric and added drain rock on top then tamped it down.


4 thoughts on “Building Prep

  1. yes! thanks, I’m actually reading through that book now. it’s an inspiration to see your project, I’ve read all of your blogposts. I can’t wait to get started with ours….I really have no idea where to start…books are great but I learn better by speaking to someone with experience. there’s still a few things about the foundation I don’t understand. we will most likely be building in New England (cold, wet, wintry and warm, humid summers) so, I want to make sure I figure out the right foundation system…..have you had any major issues with your construction up to this point? did you use a different fill for your foundation / stemwall?

    thanks so much!


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