Like Squirrels Gathering Nuts…

Abby & Mombasa Approved


Mombasa lounges while we work…



Abby in hot pursuit of a Pack Rat in the Wood stack…

Abby Pack Rat Hunter

Abby Pack Rat Hunter

Today’s snowstorm… about one foot at the moment…


We covered the coop with plastic a few weeks back and added another layer of straw for insulation… they don’t seem to mind being “cooped up” with the snow, wind, and it being a high of twenty-one outside…

Cooped Up


2 thoughts on “Like Squirrels Gathering Nuts…

  1. May I ask where you got your dog Abby? We had one that looked just like her, and we loved her dearly (sadly she died years back), I was hoping to track down some relatives of hers if we could! Thanks! And your blog is really cool!

    • Sorry to hear about your dog. We got Abby at the Helena, MT shelter back in 2012. We don’t know or have her history. She is our girly-girl though. You are right, they are one-of-a-kind! Thanks for stopping by.

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