Something you don’t want to see after two lightning strikes…

Something you don’t want to see after two lightning strikes…


west-fireWhich, once we figured out it was just over the hill a little under a ¼  mile west of us, in steep thick brush and a lot of dead trees…. we jumped in the truck with our shovels (after calling 911) and found the area (which was about the size of a football field) ablaze. So besides praying heavily and keeping an exit to our backs… we beat down the fire line that was moving down toward our property. We were able to slow it down enough to buy us some time until…

heli300 gallons of Missouri River arrived… the pilot went back and forth for three hours.

Then the volunteer fire crews arrived…

crewAnd we let them do their job and moved on to the fire that started just south of the house…


This was 75% contained by the time we arrived a few hours afterward. Left of the photo required another hour of water-drops from the other helicopter. (If you were to go to the bottom treeline and pull back… that’s our view from the house.) Our southern property line ends at the bottom treeline. If it burned downhill another  100 yards, we’d have a big mess on our hands. We’re keeping an eye out for any flare-ups… especially west of us.

Yes… God was with us today. Thank you Father!


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