the chickens have landed

Our eight chickens arrived safely from Utah on Friday, and all of us have been getting used to each other. Needless to say that we (us humans) are on the low end of the learning curve, but hopefully we’ll get the hang of keeping them happy. The first 48 ours have been a challenge, but we established right off the bat with our dog (Abby) that she doesn’t need to take any interest in the chickens, except to protect them from predators. Puss (our cat) on the other-hand, has been fascinated with them to the extent of sitting at their coop door and staring in at them, as they stare out at him. I nipped this pow-wow in the bud, and hopefully Puss will now keep a healthy distance. Here are some shot of the finished coop along with the chickens. And their names are: Carmelita, Chiquita, Dorita, Evita, Juanita, Lolita, Marguerita, and Rosita… Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “the chickens have landed

  1. So fun to see the 1st class dwelling places of all the ITA’s

    Impressive progress is taking place your way. Nice to see how well your asparagus is doing. I am sure Jen will have many NUMMY items for you to feast on.

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