Poor Pouting Puss

Our poor baby boy Puss is bumming because his new playmate, “Boots”, whose real identity is “Squirt”, was picked up by her human on Wednesday morning.

Puss was outside when our neighbor (who lives a mile to the East) stopped by and claimed their runaway kitty. So Puss saw Squirt staring at him through the truck’s rear window, as they slowly started up the hill back to civilization.

At least Puss saw her leave, instead of looking for her, thinking that she wandered off… only to return. Sorry buddy, she’s gone.

But… a new baby brother is on the list to keep Puss company in the near future.


Homeboy Meets Mountain Girl

One tough petite kitty.

We don’t get too many stray cats visiting us in the back-country, but this petite little girl appeared on Saturday, looking quite skinny and a bit sleepy. We’re not sure whose lost little darling she is, but we’ll keep her safe and warm. We have to say that she’s one smart cat to have avoided detection from the local predators; i.e. mountain lion, coyote, bobcat, and wolf.

We fixed up a comfortable bed in the back of the woodshed, and we are  fattening her up with some grub… and there are plenty of tasty mice for midnight snacking.

Hanging out in the WoodshedWe hope she sticks around for a spell. So we named her… Boots. Our Homeboy Puss, and Boots are still getting used to each other. Puss was happy to see another of his species… Boots wasn’t in a social mood. Today, she’s relaxed a bit and they can be within a foot of each other without the meowing and hissing. Our dog, Abby… well that’s a different story. But she isn’t bent out of shape as she would’ve been eight months ago, and that’s a huge improvement. It’s something we’ll all have to work on. Stay tuned.