Role Reversal

Abby was making some short barks early this morning (3 AM early)… something was outside… then we heard our steel 55 gallon burn barrel fall over (used for burning trash)… one conclusion… bear!

There was no food of interest in it, and I failed to re-secure the lid on top. As Abby went back to her bed, our cat, Blackie, was sitting inside on the door steps on high alert until sunrise.

At around 6:30 AM, I let Abby out and she trotted over to the NE corner of the shed and proceeded to crawl under the shed. She popped her head out, looked at the windows, gave me a look, and went back under looking at the glass windows we have stacked against the wall… this behavior means one thing… there is a Pack Rat somewhere in between the window panes.

Since it was way too early to pull out the blowgun, I decided to move some of the windows out and let Abby take care of the Pack Rat… and, within a few minutes of moving around some window frames, Abby made one quick move and she was doing a victory lap around the garden with a dead Pack Rat in her mouth.

If you are not familiar with Pack Rats, their urine and feces have a distinct foul odor… which I’m sure Abby remembered this time by the look on her face.

(She passed on eating this one. Wise choice Girly-Girl) Since the last one she ate made her feel a bit queazy for the remainder of the day. She ended up burying this Pack Rat in the meadow. Which was fine with us.

About half an hour later, Blackie jumped up on the window sill and was looking at us like…

“Hey, you guys, look out the window… NOW!… There is a large predator lurking about.”

It took me a few seconds to catch on, but when I looked out the window, I saw a bear walking past the garden right in front of the chicken coop, heading for the creek. We’re assuming it was the same bear that investigated the burn barrel early this morning.

After I grabbed the shotgun, and we located Abby; who was clueless to the bear being in the vicinity, I cautiously walked toward the bear who had now crossed to the other side of the creek, and fired a few shells in his direction to discourage its return to our homestead.

All of this excitement before 8 AM, and our first cup of coffee.

So, we have a dog who alerts us to Pack Rats, and a Cat who alerts us to Bears… go figure.

Bonus Image

Bob, the German Shepherd who lives a mile away came to visit Abby around 6 AM a few days ago. This made Abby’s morning, since we think she has a special crush on Bob. Now, isn’t that one happy looking dog! 🙂


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