The Mouse Patrol Arrives

Here are a few pix of our new 1 year old brother and sister mouse patrol squad. They’ve been here for two days now and are acclimating to the new environment nicely. We are not on intimate terms yet so we’re not sure who’s who gender-wise. Abby is still adjusting to them, though.

Outside the living quarters, basking in the sun.


This one loves the velvet interior a little too much.


4 thoughts on “The Mouse Patrol Arrives

    • We haven’t named them yet because we can’t tell who is the boy and the girl. So we are going by the spot on their nose to tell them apart for now… Whitey and Blackie. We had extra velvet around and figured they’d enjoy it after a night of mousing.

  1. We have the replica! His name is Tux (for Tuxedo markings) and he is about 6 years old. he is a rescue kitty from Jacksonville Florida. he has the white chin, neck, bib and boots. Same white on front paws. He is a boat cat. he was always indoor in our condo and then we moved onto our cruising sailboat. He is with us on our boat in the Bahamas right now.
    Yours is the first Tuxedo marked cat we have seen with a white chin! I’m sorry your lovely friend became so ill and you lost him. I am originally from Montana. We were researching how to replace the starter rope on our boat’s Honda 2000 and found your great instructions.
    Thanks so much!

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