A Few New Additions for Spring

We were fortunate to get a great deal on a used Sears Craftsman Portable 9HP Wood Chipper/Shredder which we picked up outside of Three Forks today for the amazing price of $200.
Ever since we watched the movie Back to Eden we have been on the lookout for an affordable Chipper/Shredder.

Hopefully we will make Paul proud with how we use it. We’ll keep you posted.


We also took a major step last week by finally getting a dog. Here is Abby, our 3 year old female shepherd mix, rescued from the pound (she spent 2 years in the pound).
She’s smart, lovable, and a greenhorn to the mountains, but she’s learning fast.
She’s also found her first pack rat!!!

We’ll keep you posted on her learning progress… and ours too.


2 thoughts on “A Few New Additions for Spring

    • Thanks Mike, She’s a joy to have around, and now we’re teaching her how to return the ChuckIt ball to us. Since there is a lot of wildlife out here, her attention span short-circuits sometimes. Hope all is well with you.

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