Back to Eden

We were recently told about a great little film called, “Back to Eden“.  It had such a strong impact on us that we really encourage you to watch it if you have any interest in Scripture,  low impact and low effort gardening.

Earlier, we had decided to ask our neighbors to bulldoze our front lawn into terraces.  We kept putting it off and putting it off, and last week we decided to put it off until Spring.  The problem was that we had noticed that every time we tore up the native grass, the bare earth looked so sad and dry and almost immediately thistles, and only thistles, would grow in the bare patch.  Then we would begin a battle to kill the thistles, who through no fault of their own, were growing in the bare patch we had created.

Then we watched the film.  The way that they reveal the growing process in nature and how it can be applied to your garden left us sitting for a while with our jaws open in astonishment and delight.  So simple.  So obvious.  So natural.  So we’re going to do it.  No bulldozers.  No bare earth.  Just natural goodness.

Really, we can’t spoil it by giving it away.  Please, just watch it.

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