Homemade Bone Sauce

We found a great and easy-to-make formula for keeping unwanted deer from nibbling on our plants growing outside our fenced garden…  Bone Sauce.

You can apply the Bone Sauce directly on a tree, post or stake around any area you don’t want deer to venture into.

We discovered this formula from Sepp Holzer.

Here’s how we made our Bone Sauce.

We bought a large tin for 25¢ at the thrift store.

We added a chicken wire platform inside at a height of 4-6 inches from the bottom of the tin, then placed some cow bones we bought at the local meat market.

We dug a hole to place the tin into.

Back-fill the hole up to the lid.

Pile rocks on top of the lid.

If you are in a fire-prone area, you might want to put some kind of covering over the rocks. Add some sticks and twigs on top and start a fire. Keep the fire burning for about 8 hours. After the tin cools off, dig it out and scoop the residue from the bottom. It should look like this…

You can apply the Bone Sauce on trees, fences and on anything near an area you don’t want deer to go around. It works great and has been known to last for quite some time.


3 thoughts on “Homemade Bone Sauce

    • Hi Tim, We got way ahead of ourselves with the bone sauce. We were going to plant fruit trees and didn’t get around to them. But we plan on planting some this season, but unfortunately for bone sauce testing, we’re adding an electric fence this summer, and with the dog, we’re thinking that the bone sauce is boned for practical application at this time. If you are interested, we still have some and we’d be happy to ship it to you. just let us know and I will send you a private email for your shipping address. Thanks for visiting.

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