Summer eclectic

Summer is in full swing here at the homestead. Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to lately.

First Layer of papercrete on the earthbag dome

It was a battle to get the first base layer up during all of the rain we had a few weeks ago, but we managed to finish, and learned a lot for when we apply the second layer at the end of July.

Our PVC skylights finally have a glass cover on them.

The Garden of Eatin’

Our garden as a whole is 85% completed, and 95% planted. This season’s garden is five times bigger than last season.

Here are some of the kids who have made an appearance so far.

The tomatoes are off to a good start.

Our onions are happy campers.

Potatoes are starting up.

The walking onions are strutting their stuff.

The horseradish is growing like gang-busters.

There will be more of what we planted as they come up.. stay tuned.

And the greenhouse has three varieties of cucumbers… Parisian Pickling, Cucumber Delikatess, and Suyo Long. We also have some Zucchini, Crimson Sweet Watermelon,  Valencia Winter Melon, and Kazakh Melons.

Planting Siberian Pea-shrubs

We also planted 300 Siberian Pea-shrub seeds along our road, and around 300 seeds in a bed to grow for root stocks that will be replanted next Spring around the property.

Outdoor Shower

We also put together our outdoor shower. This year we built it out of pallets We still have to install the glass windows at the top, and we’ll be adding pine shakes to the interior and exterior with our froe, and some spiffy floor tiles.

We connected two five gallon buckets and spray painted them black to heat up better in the sun.

We cut a hole in one of the bucket lids and inserted a section of garden hose in it with the connector on the ground for easier access to the garden hose.

The makeshift shower head which works really great.

DIY Solar Night Light

And… made a sconce out of a wire hanger to hold a pair of solar garden lights to add a night light inside… simple and functional.

More to come later.

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  1. I like the outdoor shower. I’m curious about the makeshift shower head–how did you make this? We’re in the beginning stages of creating an outdoor bucket shower and are trying to figure out the shower head component. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. Ah… well… we used a PVC “T-shaped” what-ever-it-is-called with a open/close handle to regulate water flow… you’ll recognize it in the store when you see it… the name escapes me. Then we used a screw in adapter that has a barbed end so you can use a short piece of garden hose (we used a hose from an RV hookup), then attached to the hose is the head from one of those handheld garden sprayers you buy at the garden store. We just unscrewed the head from the handle. We didn’t plan this out, it was basically what we had laying arou and frankensteined the whole shebang. So I’m sure you can improve upon it. Good Luck & God Bless…

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