Insulated Honda EU2000i Generator Box

As there is always room for improvements, we added some bubble foil insulation inside and out to our Honda EU2000i Generator Box.

Our elevation is 4300 feet, and we get temperatures down to -20 so even though this seems like a waste, it isn’t. We’ve noticed a big improvement in running the generator when it’s really cold outside. The bubble foil insulation is fairly inexpensive, and adds some insulation protection and sound-proofing (which is nice where we live with nothing to hear but the wind through the trees).

We added bubble foil to the interior lid and three sides. The back side opening where the exhaust is isn’t insulated because it keeps pretty warm in that area.

A shot with the lid closed.

The exhaust side not insulated. But again it stays fairly warm by itself.

If you’re curious about our maintenance program, we’re pretty rigorous since we run the generator an average of 8 hours in the evenings… (when the days are overcast and the solar panels don’t get enough sun juice).

OIL CHANGES: We change the oil every week using 5w-30 during winter. We have a bottle that has mL measurements on the outside, so we fill the bottle to 400mL which is the correct amount of oil to use, so this takes the guess work out, and makes oil changes a snap… basically under two minutes.

FUEL: We use a 1 Gallon fuel can instead of lugging and heaving the 5 Gallon can. We add 2 Tablespoons of SeaFoam per every 1 gallon of gas once a week the keep the generator running smoothly. (It makes a big difference, we suggest you buy some at your local auto parts store.)

AIR/OIL FILTER: We check these about every 2 months.

SPARK PLUG: We change this when the plug bottom is grungy and when we notice that the generator performance is sluggish. We just put in a new spark plug today.

Hope some of this information helps you in keeping your generator warm and protected during the winter months, and healthy running for years to come.


6 thoughts on “Insulated Honda EU2000i Generator Box

  1. Wow, I had no idea it could be so cold there. Thanks for the quick response! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your earthbag home.

  2. I used your rope replacement instructions and just returned due to a new comment. In the process I read that you use a 1 gallon gas can for filling up. May I recommend that you look into the BERG fuel cap and hose replacement. It will give you a six gallon tank and you can then run it all week without filling up and when you change the oil, you fill up the gas as well. you can find one here at this link.

    • I also just made my own using a few parts from the hardware store for about $10… I used a 1/4” street 90 elbow instead of the petcock.

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