Early Winter…

A quick post as winter arrived early this year with 6+ inches of snow… so far… and -20° temperatures. It has now warmed up to 20° as of this posting. But this burst gave us a chance to work out some winter problems we would have encountered in Jan/Feb… such as a frozen well pump, and a frozen water drain pipe. (Both of which we fixed). And we had the opportunity to put on the tire chains to get us out to the highway to restock provisions.

Took these next few shots before the camera froze and the snow started again. But you get the idea.

Cooking on a pot belly stove is starting to become easier.

Here is the last of our potatoes from this summer’s garden.

We woke up to a few visitors munching on the grass outside the house.

We’re working on getting an internet connection, laying out the electrical cables for the solar setup, and then start plastering the inside.

More to come when we return to town.


2 thoughts on “Early Winter…

    • The main dome is 14′ diameter and 17′ high, the two other domes are 10′ diameter and 13′ high. We broke the rule about not building taller than your diameter, and in each of the rooms the first three feet were vertical because we built it partially submerged in the ground, so the ground helps support the wall. Montana’s frost depth is 3-4 feet.

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