Earthbag Building is Complete!

Three long months… 2,000 Sandbags, 4,000 nails for closing the bags, 90 cubic yards of lava rock, 4 miles of barbed wire, -40 lbs. of combined weight-loss & 37 cans of Cattle Drive Chili… we have completed construction of our dome home.

Our temporary front door and hallway ceiling (To get it covered before winter comes)

We installed the stove earlier this week.

Did they elect a new Pope? Nah…

Now we are in the process of mudding before winter arrives. It’s only a temporary covering until we apply the final plaster next Spring.


2 thoughts on “Earthbag Building is Complete!

  1. Great job guys!! I was getting worried about you having your digs done before the snow flies. What a unique design. We’ll have to see it in person someday. Keep warm and healthy!


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