Earthbag Building Update #3

In town for a few hours… Here are the latest shots of our progress. We’ll have all of the window forms in place in the next few days, then it’s non-stop bagging and stacking until we are finished.

Here is the bedroom. We started back-filling a few days ago.

Here is the living room. This is almost completely back-filled also.

Here is the bathroom (on the left). The wood form on the right is the front door and hallway.


One thought on “Earthbag Building Update #3

  1. I’m jealous of your project. We were going to build an earthbag home in Maine, but it has not worked out for us. However, I have 6000 poly bags – 32x15x4 with 1200uv hours. We are returning to Montana by the end of May and will bring them if I can find a buyer for them out there. Do you or anyone out there need some bags for building? I can probably match your lowest price. Back to Eden is inspiring. I know we intend to go that way.

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