Earthbag Building Update #2

In town for a short time today. Progress is being made. We are at the ninth row, and putting in the main door form, bathroom window form, and starting to back-fill the foundation. Having more lava rock delivered next week. Another 40 cubic yards worth. Hard to estimate how much will be needed to finish the house, but this should do the trick. We’ll be putting in all of the other window forms by the end of next week… or soon after.

Here is a quick shot of the back-filled bathroom, and eight rows of bags down…

Here are some visitors we’ve been getting.. when their owners head into town.. they follow behind them at a distance and end up at out place.

Puggy live about half-a-mile from us, and is a part-time resident.

Sadie lives about a mile away from us, and lives here year-around.

We had “Bob”, a German Shepard visit a few times… no photos yet of him.

That’s it until next time.


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